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Facebook Mobile Marketing

What Facebook Should Be Doing With Mobile

For a considerable length of time, debates raged on what constituted “best practices” when it came to mobile SEO. Please note this article was sent to us from a facebook marketing company Earlier, the discussions concentrated on whether it was imperative to have a different site enhanced for cell phones. That ended up being a noteworthy test, as it required identifying and upgrading for hundreds if not a huge number of various gadgets, each with its own novel prerequisites. At times, it likewise implied making mobile particular sites, that must be looked after independently, prompting logistical and asset bad dreams. As opposed to agonizing over a generally little measure of mobile movement, a great deal of site proprietors picked just to overlook mobile SEO.

And after that two things changed that made mobile SEO basic for everybody: the decreasing significance of the exceptional mobile particular .mobi area, and the blast of cell phones and tablets that could render facebok HTML similarly as desktop programs.

Google is unequivocal in its recommendation to SEOs with respect to mobile: make certain to accurately delineate upgrade your site for mobile clients and their aim as opposed to taking a one-size-fits-all method. Should you utilize responsive outline, dynamic substance, or particular mobile URLs? In this session, you’ll get answers to these inquiries and the crisp strategies you have to amplify the colossal mobile pursuit opportunity.

Giving definitive responses to these and different inquiries is the center of the What SEOs Should Be Doing With Mobile session at SMX East. You’ll hear four of the preeminent mobile SEO specialists offer their best guidance, including:

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new york city

new york city

New York is one of the best places to have your internship during summer since it offers a lot of career opportunities and established businesses such as EUKU Marketing Agency and corporations. However, it is still not as easy as you would think it will be. It is New York, the largest city of the United States and living in it without anything in mind at all will be a disaster. Proper preparations and tips should be made to survive. After all, you need to do the best you could to make your internship successful and enjoy the city as bonus. So here’s what we have for you. Check it out!




Many students and interns come to New York City for a short time to take internships. And of course, the first thing to consider is availability of apartments to live and rent for. You can live at a college, in a student housing center or in a group accommodation that can set you up in a great location while fitting your budget.


These are the top and budget friendly student centers and university intern housing programs in NYC you can choose:


  • Educational Housing Services (EHS)
  • The Webster
  • International House
  • Polytechnic Institute of New York University
  • Columbia University Summer Housing
  • New York University Summer Program
  • NYC Intern




Of course, interns need transportation to get to work so it is recommended if you don’t bring or buy a car. Use the public transportation be familiar with it. You can easily go somewhere you want to buy using the subway, bus or taxi. However, a taxi can be a bit expensive and stressful to hail that’s why subways and buses can do the job. Just make sure you have your monthly unlimited MetroCard pass as soon as you get into the city. These can be bought on vendo machines at $116.50. You can get a free map at any subway station booths to guide you or if not be sure to have Google map with always. Likewise, always wear comfortable shoes, bring your phone charger, business card, umbrella, and always check the seat and ticket before you hop on the ride.


  1. FOOD


As an intern, you’re budget is tough and you should always spare some money with you. It’s bad to have nothing in that large city especially when you need to eat and survive the hunger. NYC is an expensive place so be careful in buying food. We know you want to taste the delicious cuisines at the fancy restaurants but you’re not here to enjoy all that, you’re here to do the internship! These are the tips when budgeting your money in food expenses:


  • Don’t make plans to meet at a restaurant it’s expensive.
  • Don’t buy lunch every day. You can make brunch an alternative sometimes.
  • If possible, cook and bring lunch and snacks to your work.
  • Find cheap eats like pizza, fries, sandwiches, burrito, burger and food trucks around the corners. Also recommended cheap food shops like: Caracas, Blockheads, and Chelsea Market.
  • You can buy cheap groceries at Farmer’s Market, Fairway or West Side Market.




Of course, you don’t want to miss the events, museums and entertainments in NYC during the weekend right? Well, as a tips, we recommend you to take advantage of the various free concerts and movie screenings that take place around the city.

  • To never miss an event, check Time Out New York’s or Daily Candy NYC Weekend Guide constantly updated event calendar.
  • To watch a Broadway show on the cheap, grab some student tickets.
  • You can also go to central park for a run or with a blanket to picnic and lay out.
  • Go to museums on discounted days like:


-The Metropolitan Museum of Arts which is free on Friday nights from 4-8pm.

-The Frick Museum is a “pay what you wish” museum which is open from 11-1pm on Sundays.

-The New Museum is free on Thursdays from 7-9pm.

-The Museum of Natural History with prices are suggested you can afford.




Well, NYC life will be dull without spending shopping for your needs. Since all is pricey, you can buy your necessities as an intern at a reasonable price at department stores, dollar stores and Chain stores like H&M and Forever 21.




  • Sometimes being an intern in NYC is tough. Don’t expect all to be easy just like the movies. Some don’t get paid reasonably and sometimes interns feel hopeless and lonely. New York is a place where you will make your dreams into a reality however, in order to make it happen, you need to become practical, wise, responsible and always manage your time properly to work and to yourself.


  • Learn everything you can whole you are an intern, do not complain so easily with the hardwork if you want to get the job in the future. Also be respectful and efficient in your work.


  • Create networks and connections while you are in NYC, they will help your internship successful and less tough. It’s better to have friends to confide for.
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Are you planning to move to New York to start living a new life? Well, think again. New York is not always about luxuries and entertainment as you have seen in movies. There are also things that make New York not the right place to be. It is better if you know this things for you to prepare yourself. Check it out and learn!


  1. Extremely High Cost of Living



You have to know that living in NYC is very pricey. From apartment rents to restaurants, bars, car and parking, clothing and even in entertainment, you will be surprised how expensive they are.


  • The median rent for a two bedroom apartment in the Metro area is $1,638 while the average rent for a two bedroom apartment in Manhattan is $3,895. If you plan to buy a house, the average home price in the metro area is $455,500.
  • The average parking rate in downtown Manhattan is $533 per month (more than twice the rate in other expensive cities like Los Angeles and Honolulu). While the price of gas in New York is 5-10% higher than the national average. The average insurance rate for drivers in Manhattan tops $4,000 per year.
  • If you spend $200 per month on groceries living somewhere else in the country, you’ll spend something more like $260 when you move to New York.
  • A blue jeans costs $59 while a men’s leather shoes costs $143. Far more expensive than the national average cost.
  • The average price of admission to a movie in New York is $14.00, which is more than the national average ticket price of $10.00.


  1. NO Commitments and Serious Relationships


In NYC, you will easily find friends and but they will never stay forever. Some will eventually leave your life and go back to their hometowns. As for love relationships from the opposite sex, nobody will ever want to commit for a serious relationship. In conclusion, NYC only gives you temporary and hook-up relationships.








  1. Loud, Crowded and Smelly



Well, who would wonder? NYC is the largest mega city in the world. Surely, there are many people living in it. There are more than 8 million people living in the city and only by the idea of that, you expect that it will be noisy, loud, crowded and even smelly anywhere around NYC. Horns and chatters are not new anymore. If you think you can live with the noise, you’ll survive.















  1. Traffic, Delays and Accident Prone City


Since a million of people swarm around the city, no wonder transportations will be crowded as well. Many rides, many drives. Lots of cars results to heavy traffics and sometime transit delays most likely to occur. Many are rushing and running just to get to work and who knows, when you’ll get stuck and carried through the crowd thus resulting to incidents.


















  1. Living in a Shoebox




Despite of the high cost of houses and apartments in NYC, they are still small to live in. Although you afford a place that is cheap it is still not spacey. Plus privacy is gone. You will live in a small flat just like living in a shoebox. That’s how NYC exists. Increasing population while decreasing space.



Hopefully, these tips will help you to decide whether you still want to live in NYC or just choose some other else. But if you think you can manage these all, well, that’s good. In the end, it still your choice. Good luck!